15mm-70mm Forstner Carbon Steel Boring Drill Bits Woodworking Self Centering Hole Saw Tungsten Carbide Wood Cutter Tools Set

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Woodworking Drill Bit Self Centering Hole Saw Cutter Woodworking Tools Set 15mm-70mm Forstner Drill Bits



The use of advanced technology manufacturing, high-quality materials, long service time.

Drill holes neat, smooth, no broken edge, will not produce tremor phenomenon.

Incision resistance is small, improve the drilling speed, chip removal easily.

Can be used for a variety of wood, wood products, plastics, plywood and other materials openings.

Easy to install, easy to use, only need to be installed in the ordinary hand drill can be used.

Work noise is small.



Type: Forstner Drill Bit

Shank:Round Shank(15mm-40mm),Hexagon Shank(45mm-70mm)

Material: High carbon steel

Blade type: arc edge

Size: 15mm-70mm



When the size is above 42mm,It is Hex shank(45mm,48mm,50mm,55mm,60mm,65mm,70mm).

When you using this drill bit, the materials (eg. wood, plastic products, plywood ect.)temperature will get very high , please add some water or coolant to avoid the material get smoke.


Packing Included :

1 x Forstner Drill Bits-19307627793_11031771369326858769_110317713610494622649_1103177136Forstner-Wood-Drill-Bit-Self-Centering-Hole-Saw-Cutter-Woodworking-Tools-Set-15mm-48mm-Carbon-Steel (3)HTB11cCrXfjsK1Rjy1Xaq6zispXaP



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