1pc Diamond Grinding Wheel Cup Grinding Circle Cutting Discs for Tungsten Steel Milling Cutter Tool 75mm/100mm/125mm/150mm

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100% Brand new, high quality, sharpness, it has high hardness, long service life.

It is good shape retention, strong grinding capacity, precision machining and high grinding efficiency.

It can be used in various tools and cutting applications.

Resin, a tapered side cladding type.High hardness, strength, strong grinding capacity.

Resin bond for uncomplicated grinding process with good chip volume, while maintaining a low thermal influence on the workpiece.       


Size:  75x20x5x3mm  150Grit
         100x20x5x3mm 150Grit
         100x20x10x3mm 120/150/320/400Grit
         125x32x5x3mm 150Grit
         125x32x10x3mm 120/150/180/240Grit
         150x32x5x3mm 150Grit
         150x32x10x3mm 150/180Grit

Package included:

1 x Grinding Wheel

碗形100x20x10 #150(5)碗形100x20x10 #150(8)碗形100x20x10 #600(6)碗形组合(7)



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