220V 30W/40W/60w Soldering Iron Core Heating Element Replacement Spare Part Welding Tool Electric iron core 10pcs/lot

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High Quality 220V 30W 40W 60W Soldering Iron Core Heating Element Replacement Spare Part Welding Tool For SY Outer Thermal Electric Iron




The soldering iron core heating element is the best replacement for the old core, to ensure the efficiency and long lifespan of your soldering iron


Type:Electric iron core 40W




Voltagle:  220 V ~ 50HZ


Applicable Model:Domestic same size outer thermal electric iron


A variety of external heat 40W electric iron general Features: The use of imported nickel wire and natural mica carefully developed, with fast heat, high temperature, long life, and other characteristics, long-term use of non-slip teeth. The use of Indian green mica, high temperature, high pressure, long life. West Germany heating wire for the heating body, Taiwan stainless steel wire for the lead, long-term use is not easy to oxidation, continuous road. Lead on the high temperature ceramic, double high temperature tube, more secure.




10 x Soldering Iron Core Heating Element







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