AideTek Enclosure box surface mount SMD storage Electronics Storage Cases & Organizers plastics Anti-statics resistor BOXALLS

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   Aidetek Enclosure for surface mount components 1206 0805 0603 0402 0201 size + white labels    

smd components surface mount resistors and capacitors well made small parts compartment tiny boxes storage beads smaller tweezers closed label doors  plastics box BOX STORAG   ESD Safe SMD IC Box W/144 Bins Anti-statics SMD SMT Organizer Transistor Diode  resistor and capacitor   assorted storage    

Great Surface Mount Components Organizer, BOX_ALL enclosure includes  144/72/40/20 compartments in one box, each compartment with individual lid and label

1. Great for storing 1206/0805/0603/0402/0201 size surface mount components
2. Light, Portable, less than 500g with all compartments filled
3. Easy and quick access to each value with pro-sorted RC kits 
4. EDS safe Version available for IC chips
5. Certified by RoHS regulations

6. Weight: 450g

7. Improved design, no leaking even for 0201 size resistor or capacitor or Inductor

8.Label printing service only for $3.00 per unit, free for order than 10+ units

9.Save space and time

The package includes:
1unit of AideTek plastics enclosure box;
1 sheets of labels



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