Boring Hole Saw Drill Bit Cutter Woodwork Forstner Bit Diamond Drill Carbide Tip Drill Bit 15Mm-60Mm Forstner Bit Hole Saw D30

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Forstner Bit Woodworking Drill Bit Set Boring Hole Saw Cutter Carbide Tip 15mm-60mm


Tungsten Carbide tip is specially designed to cut through hole cleanly in end grain and thin stock, great for boring concealed hinges and door locks.


In design with curve, the head is good at removing the debris and working efficiently.




1. Forstner Bit drill clean holes in soft and hard wood.
2. Two spurs and centering point to give the perfect solution to repeated, clean and accurate hole cutting time after time.
3. The sharp center spur accurately locates the center of your hole.
4. Use to drill precise flat bottom holes with no chipping in any thickness of soft wood.
5. For drilling holes in any direction and making arched openings. For drilling partially overlapped flat bottom holes for easy mortising.
6. Should be use with power drilling machine, here is not included.

Product Name: Forstner Bit
Material:Tungsten Carbide Tip(HRC.70) & Carbon Steel Body

Size:as the picture show


5pcs =15,20,25,30,35mm(each size 1pcs)


Please Note:
1.When drilling holes, forstner drill bit is made only in the clockwise direction, not reversible, and the speeds from low to high is a gradual process.
2.Please grind the tool nose and tips to avoid ageing and damage when breaking; or it will cause a steep decrease in accuracy and quality for drilling holes after tips break.












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