CNC dust cover, brush, free fall engraving machine, woodworking dust cover, CNC spindle milling machine, dust collector

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Spindle Dia 75mm 80mm 85mm 90mm 100mm 4 Inch Dust Port Dust Collection System Spindle Dust Cover For CNC Router Machine

Up-down design, the brush will not be deformed

Always protect the brush from damage and the brush is level with the knife

Four-sided disassembly

Removable on all sides, lightly pressed, lightweight and convenient, worry-free and labor-saving

Arc design unique beauty

The roundness of the four sides is not easy to hurt your hands

Reduce bulkiness

Nylon plastic material, not cast iron material, reduce weight, fast delivery to meet your requirements!

It is more convenient to tighten the spindle screw

Flat design

The flat suction port is better designed and stronger (elliptical suction port diameter 100mm)

individual package Patented product

Patent number: ZL201920477922X ZL2019301605679 ZL2019303656482

Company information and contact information

Jinan Hongyang CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. There are more than 100 employees, and the inventory area is 10,000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in engraving machine parts, including spindle motor, frequency converter, stepper motor, drive, hybrid servo motor, servo motor, Richauto dsp series controller, weihong or nc studio controller, spindle cooling water pump, lubricating oil pump, tool sensor, Limit sensors, water-cooled vacuum pumps, air-cooled vacuum pumps, power supplies, transformers, gear boxes, racks, rails, sliders or blocks, ISO30 tool clips, cable chains, spindle dust covers, vacuum cleaners and other engraving machine accessories, welcome your For inquiries. Contact information WeChat whatsapp mobile 8615650000988 lily @ hycncrouter. com



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