ESD Heat Insulation Working mat Soldering Station Iron Phone Computer Repair Mat Magnetic Heat-resistant BGA Insulator Platform

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S-160 Kaisi 45x30cm Soldering Station Iron Phone PC Computer Repair Mat Magnetic Heat Insulation Silicone Pad Desk Platform
The mat add built-in scale ruler (0 ~36cm), 124 screws position and 3 pcs part boxes with lid, 18 notches to make your work easy.

It resists corrosion and out of shape, its made of high quality silicone.

The mat has excellent heat insulation performance, the soldering iron can directly solder in the mat.

Anti-Slip and Anti-static Design, Both surface and back side are adopting the anti-slip design.

It is an ideal product for soldering electronics assembly or electronics and circuit board repair.

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