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It's a kind of custom mural wallpaper. Cheap wallpaper , high Quality ,from China wallpaper factory Suppliers.Hope for a happy Cooperation
Type:Special Effect Wallpapers
Style:For Kids
Style:Traditional Chinese
Style:Japan Style
Style:Southeast Asia
Function:Heat Insulation
Function:Anti Static
Function:Moisture Proof
Function:Mould Proof
Function:Smoke Proof
Function:Sound Absorbing
Usage:Living Room
Usage:Nursery / Kid's Room
Usage:Elders' Room
Usage:Wedding House
Usage:Kids' Room
Surface Treatment:Printed
Charge Unit:$ / Square meter
Dimensions:Customized size

  • Size :   Customized size (Tell us Width & Height)

  • Price :$ / Square meter

  • Material available : Waterproof silk cloth / Waterproof canvas

  • Usage :   Living Room / Bedroom / Study Room / Kids' Room / Wedding House / Elders' Room

Take Noticed:

1 square meter = 1pcs.   2 square meter=2pcs.   3 square meter =3pcs ...

How to place the order?

Width x height = square meters (square feet) =order quantity

1 square meter=10.76 square feet
Note: Please be careful to order 1m2. Because a very small size
tip:If the feet (inches) Give me information I will give you calculate the correct order quantity
For example: You need to wall :Width = 3.2m  Height = 2.8m
3.2m x 2.8m = 8.96m2  .You need to order Quantity: 9
If you need 7.1- 7.9 square meter, Please place the order of 8 square meter.

16 default size available :

Quantity 1 square meter = 140cm(W) x 70cm(H) (4'7" x 2'4") ft
Quantity 2 square meter = 200cm(W) x 100cm(H) (6'7" x 3'3") ft
Quantity 3 square meter = 220cm(W) x 140cm(H) (7'3" x 4'7") ft
Quantity 4 square meter = 250cm(W) x 160cm(H) (8'2" x 5'3") ft
Quantity 5 square meter = 280cm(W) x 180cm(H) (9'2" x 5'11") ft
Quantity 6 square meter = 300cm(W) x 200cm(H) (9'10" x 6'7") ft
Quantity 7 square meter = 330cm(W) x 210cm(H) (10'10" x 6'11") ft
Quantity 8 square meter = 360cm(W) x 230cm(H) (11'10" x 7'6") ft
Quantity 9 square meter = 380cm(W) x 240cm(H) (12'5" x 7'10") ft
Quantity 10 square meter = 400cm(W) x 250cm(H) (13'1" x 8'2") ft
Quantity 11 square meter = 420cm(W) x 260cm(H) (13'9'' x 8'6'') ft
Quantity 12 square meter = 440cm(W) x 270cm(H) (14'5" x 8'10") ft
Quantity 13 square meter = 460cm(W) x 280cm(H) (15'1'' x 9'2'') ft
Quantity 14 square meter = 480cm(W) x 290cm(H) (15'9'' x 9'6'') ft
Quantity 15 square meter = 500cm(W) x 300cm(H) (16'5'' x 9'10'') ft
Quantity 16 square meter = 500cm(W) x 320cm(H) (16'5" x 10'6") ft

Other size . (width and height) . please tell us.

Tips :If we haven't got the detail wall size within 24 hours, we will produce by our default size as above.

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Frequently asked questions:
‍FAQ 1 : What is the size of the mural wallpaper ?
This is custom mural wallpaper. We must produce according to your size. So please tell us your detail wall size (width & height).
If you haven't provided us your wall size within 24 hours, we will customize the mural wallpaper as per above the default size.

FAQ 2 : What is the material of the mural wallpaper ?
There are 2 material available to choose waterproof silk cloth and canvas .
we will send the default material silk cloth . but also choose the material based on the best performance.

FAQ 3 : I need 1 set of mural wallpaper, the size is 1.8m width and 1.6m height. How to order it ?
Area = width x height.   Square meters = Order Quantity
Area = 1.8m x 1.6m= 2.86m2, So you should order 3 square meters. Please choose quantity 3 in the order.

FAQ 4 : What is the price ?
The website price is only for 1 square meter. We sell by square meters, not by rolls.
If you buy more than 6 square meters, in many countries, we could give you free shipping by express

FAQ 5 : Is the mural wallpaper self-adhesive ?
No. The mural wallpaper isn't self-adhesive. There isn't any glue or paste powder on the back of it.
‍‍You need to purchase the glue in your local hardware shop before pasting.

FAQ 6 : Is it the whole mural ?
No. It will be cut into several pieces in order that it could suit for the international shipping.
But any size is the overall pattern.

FAQ 7 : How about tax ?
Any import charges or fees are buyers' responsibilities.We are not responsible for any customs duty.
However usually we will help buyer to declare lower value for paying less tax or avoid being taxed.

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