WORKPRO 32PC Saw Blades for Wood Metal Cutting Saw Blades Reciprocating Saw Blade Set Power Tool Accessories

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WORKPRO 32PC Reciprocating Saw Blade Set with Organizer Pouch

1. Saw blade pouch is designed for great access and organization
2. All blades in the suitable pockets are easy and safe to carry





1. 16 pc 6" wood cutting blades: 6TPI * 8 and 8TPI *8
2. 5 pc 9" wood cutting blade 3TPI * 2 and 6TPI *3
3. 1 pc 5TPI pruner blade
4. Constructed by Chrome-vanadium steel of high quality for strength
5. With silver spray painting for rust resistance and corrosion


1. 8 pc 6" metal cutting blades, 14 TPI * 4, 18TPI * 2 and 24TPI * 2
2. 2 pc 4" metal cutting blades 24TPI
3. Constructed from Bi- material for toughness and durability
4. Teeth are made of HSS
5. With blue spray painting for rust resistance and corrosion



Combination set provides a selection of blades for common applications Compatible with all reciprocating saw brands Assorted blades for cutting all types of wood, metal, platic sheet metal, rebar and pipes.



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